Monday Markets - Force of Nature Anthology - Mar 31

Lynne Jamneck is reading for a new weird nature anthology that sounds pretty cool:

There is something inherently weird in our behaviour toward Nature. Two distinct energies, two conscious mentalities, humanity and the natural world find themselves at loggerheads. Can we be held accountable if – as part of nature ourselves – we are driven by the need for survival, the way all species are? And if the answer is no, should we not anticipate that Nature will do the same?

Force of Nature (working title) will be an anthology of original short fiction that explores the physical and metaphysical boundaries between humanity and the natural world..

Sounds interesting, right? She's after stories from 2,500 to 10,000 words, and paying 7c per word up to up to 7K, and 5c per word after that. Deadline is 31 March 2018, so get writing.

Literarium listing is here: