Monday Markets - The Twisted Book of Shadows - Feb 28

The Twisted Book of Shadows

The editors of The Twisted Book of Shadows want your very best horror story. That’s it. We’re making this call as open as we can make it. Just scare us.

[We] will make our best efforts to spread the word, so that marginalized communities of horror writers will be aware of the call for stories.

[We] want to create a market that actively encourages the submission of horror stories by diverse voices. We want the best stories, no matter who wrote them. When we say we want a level playing field, that means smashing preconceptions about who writes horror.* We cannot say loudly enough that we hope to receive stories from women, from authors of color, from LGBTQ writers, from any author who identifies as belonging to a marginalized community. We want you as part of THIS community. (*White, cis-het men are obviously welcome. This is not an attack on you, or an effort to exclude you. It’s an effort to level the playing field.)

They're reading blind submissions of short horror fiction of 3,000 words and up, paying 6c/word up to $300 well as 50% royalties. Deadline is 28th of Feb, 2018, so get submitting!

Listing is here: