Monday Markets - Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents - May 31, 2018

'Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents' is a new print/online art project looking to fill their first issue with 'Ice Culture' (the frozen water, not the drug):

Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents [is] available online and in print. The publication [includes] work by writers, artists and musicians from around the world, addressing a focused theme. This project intends to extend the global conversation around culture, race, gender, social justice, beauty, place, people, family, community and love. 

For the first issue, we are seeking the following addressing the theme of "Ice Culture":

We are seeking work that features the physical and spiritual beauty of our world's ice, explores the life of the people and cultures that are connected to the ice from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and addresses important political issues related to ice. 

They're after non-fiction and fiction up to 2,000 words, as well as up to three poems, or 3 pieces of visual art, photography, and even music. Payment is a flat $50 USD to all contributors. Deadline is May 31, and their next theme (if you aren't a fan of ice) will be 'The City'.

The Literarium listing lies beyond the link: