Monday Markets - Gypsum Sound presents Colp and Thuggish Itch (via @gypsumsound)

It's unusual for me to highlight a publisher instead of a magazine or market associated with that publisher, but I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone! Gypsum Sound is a publishing house out of Sydney, and they are reading for the first issues of their magazines, 'Colp' and 'Thuggish Itch':

.We are an up and coming publishing house based out of Sydney, Australia. Writing is our thing, and, if you're here, we're guessing that it is yours too. Specialising in short stories and novellas, our aim is to get great fiction out into the public forum so that you, the reader, can enjoy it just as much as we have.

Our two digital publications, Colp and Thuggish Itch, are designed to give every author, no matter their experience or background, the opportunity to get their work out there. We'll give any submitted story a read so please don't hesitate to send your work through to us via the submissions page.

'Colp' is reading for fiction between 1,000-5,000 words, paying $5 for work under 1,500 and $10 above that. Colp's first issue is on the theme, 'The Passage of Time' and closes April 30.

Colp is our 'anything goes' anthology collection. Expect to see a little bit of this and a little bit of that within each issue, so feel free to submit stories from any genre.

'Thuggish Itch' is for the speculative writers among us, looking for 1,000-6,000 words and paying $5 up to 2,000 and $10 above that. Their first issue is themed, 'Viva Las Vegas' and closes June 30.

Yes, these are token rates, but there are plenty of publishers who don't pay at all, so support them if you can!

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