Monday Markets - Speculative Masculinity - April 15, 2018 (via @gallibooks, HT: @DaleCLowry)

Galli Books is reading for a fascinating speculative fiction (and essay, and poetry) anthology: 

.Masculinity has, almost since the category of speculative fiction emerged in the early 20th century, been a concern of fiction written in the genre. A culturally dominant, Western, toxic form of masculinity has dominated storytelling in speculative fiction. In worlds as varied and diverse as the distant past of magical worlds and the far future of this one, models of maleness and masculinity tend to be the same toxic form of masculinity that dominates modern Western culture. We want to interrogate that model of masculinity, to problematise it, and to question it; we want to see other possible models of masculinity, models not centred on dominance and violence and repression of feelings; other role models for men. We are looking for fiction, essays and poetry which do this.

They're after short fiction up to 7,500 words, and essays up to 3,000, as well as poetry, for speculative fiction exploring the topic! Poetry and essays collect a semi-pro rate, but they're paying £0.08 per word for fiction, which is excellent.

They're closing very soon though, so see if you have any suitable stories in your catalog (or write really quickly).

Literarium listings here: