Monday Markets - Visions Magazine - April 15, 2018

Visions Magazine is a print magazine open now for their first issue:

[Our] first issue will centre on the concept of home in the broadest sense, from the physical structure to the social construct. For instance, we hope the stories will revisit what the notion of home is – a house, a planet, a device? – and what it means to feel at home or homesick. What do we mean by home? How does the concept of home adapts as the world around us changes at a radical pace?

They're paying pro-market rates in GBP (so 4-5p/word) for speculative fiction up to (roughly) 5,000 words, and accept multiple short pieces as long as they add up to about the same length. They're reading until April 15, so get submitting!

(Easter egg: if you click through to their original site you can download the cool font on the right. They dug it back up from the 60s specifically for the magazine)

Literarium listing here: