Monday Markets - The Working Zealot's Guide to Gaining Capital in Pre-Apocalyptic America - June 5, 2018

FearBot3000 is the voice of the cross-media publishing empire, 'The Cockroach Conservatory', which is reading for Volume 1 of their publishing project list:

What are we looking for? Weird stories about cults, capitalism, working stiffs, and weirdos. We like bizarro. We like horror. We like our sci-fi and fantasy on the weirder side. We like humor. Think Joe R. Lansdale. Think Victor Pelevin. Think Brian Keene. Think Jessica McHugh. Really. This is a loosey-goosey guideline. The title obfuscates as much as it reveals. We know. It was done on purpose. Cults! Murder! Capitalism! Take it and run. 

FearBot3000 is paying pro-rates of 6 US c/word for fiction on the theme up to 3,000 words, and $10 USD per poem for up to 3 poems.

Literarium link here: