Monday Markets - Life After All Anthology - Sep 30, 2018 (via @LT3Press)

Less Than 3 Press is reading for their next anthology:

Life After All — an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic/pastoral apocalyptic LGBTQIA+ anthology — The end of the world is a dark, bleak place. Life is full of grit, misery, and barely scraping by. But if humans excel at anything, it’s making the best of a bad situation, and the end of the world would be no different.

Less Than Three Press invites you to submit stories about life after the end of the world being far from bleak and hopeless. We want to see stories of hardened apocalypse survivors building new lives and homes with their found families; gentle robots terraforming the ruined remains of the Earth; your post-Earth space settlers slice-of-life.

They're after work between 8,000 and 15,000 words for a flat payment of $150USD, closing to subs on the 30th of September. Note they want HEA or HFN endings (that's happy ever after/happy for now for those who didn't already know), and stories must be about a post-apocalyptic society.

Listing here: