Monday Markets - Growing Up Queer in Australia (via @blackincbooks)

I had the day off yesterday so this post is a little late. But it's still Monday in America I think. So, let's go with an Australia themed market!

'Growing up Queer in Australia' is a new anthology being collected by Black Inc Books, and editing by Benjamin Law:

We are looking for first-person pieces about growing up as a member of the queer (LGBTIQ) community, however you identify. These can be in any tone, style or format but we are not looking for scholarly works. What we hope to receive is honest, original and personal nonfiction from people of all ages and backgrounds. We are particularly interested in pieces that defy, question or shed light on the many stereotypes that currently exist about our vibrant extended community. Editor Benjamin Law says: ‘If in doubt, write the story you wish you’d read growing up.’

They're after non-fiction between 1,000-4,000 words on the topic, and paying for your work (the details to be discussed with successful authors). The deadline is Sept 3.

Our listing here: