Monday Markets - Bubble Off Plumb - Sep 30, 2018

Feral Cat Publishing is reading for their 'Bubble Off Plumb' anthology:

Theme: “Bubble Off Plumb” (BOP) is a colloquial expression for things being not quite right. We’re looking for original fiction short stories of such a nature; odd, unsettling, full of twists, etc. All genres are welcome, if you have a story which doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere else, we might be the home for it! If you’re not sure a story is odd enough: submit it. We know BOP when we see it. If you submit a love story about a dreamy vampire meeting up with a young person, it had better be damn good! 

They pay 0.03 US cents per word for short story and flash pieces (from 1,000 to 5,000 Words). They're open to quality reprints, too, which makes for a nice opportunity, as reprint markets aren't that common. In addition to payment they also offer pro-rata royalties on profits, as well as a contributor copy + discounts on additional print copies.

Literarium listing here: