Monday Markets - Constellary Tales

Constellary Tales is open to submission:

Named in homage to the master work of Geoffrey Chaucer, Constellary Tales casts the centuries-old tradition of storytelling across time and space. Our editorial mission is to find and share great speculative fiction stories that are, above all, simply great stories. (Prose can by stylish, but it doesn’t have to be. Characters can be complex, except when a story demands them to be painted with a coarse brush. But a driving narrative is a sine qua non.)

We love SF stories that carry characters from their beginning to their end. That take the reader along on the journey of discovery (or loss, or redemption, or whatever). And of course, they have to be speculative. The name “Constellary” betrays our love for science fiction, but we’re fans of fantasy too.

They're paying pro-rates of 0.06 US cents per word for shorter stories (from 1,000 to 3,500 Words), and there's a podcast too.

Literarium listing here: