Monday Markets - John Silence Anthology - Sep 30, 2018

It's great to see helping get more niche-y projects off the ground. This one is a tie-in collection to an RPG set in an alternative 20th-C noir America. It looks like the stories and poems that are accepted will be scattered through the roleplaying core book, which is cool!:

The John Silence RPG & Anthology is a collective projective [re-envisioning] Algernon Blackwood's "John Silence" short stories to focus on non-white/POC/ethnically and racially marginalized psychic detectives in an alternate American noir setting spanning the 1920s to the 1990s. The core rules by Josh Jordan for the collaborative, non-violent gameplay will make up part of the anthology. The other half is stories and poems in settings focusing on the adventures and lives of these psychic detectives and their dealings with the Unseen World.
[The] setting isn't just weird noir into the 50s. Show me your Cold War immigrant kid pieces and your indigenous resistance songs, an alternate 1970s-- wander far afield in time, as well as locale. Psychic Monsters visit Mobile and Fresno as well as New York and New Orleans. 

It's narrowly focused, but if that narrow focus encompasses your interests and writing, it might be perfect. They're open until September 30th, paying 6c/word for fiction up to 6,000 words, and $30 USD flat per poetry piece.

Also fun:

Please play with with form! Diary entries, letters, fake newspaper entries, police reports, something weirder -- all are welcome. Surprise me with your form play. All stories must center on a ethnically marginalized person grappling with their psychic abilities (or lack thereof in a world where they're needed?) and the fact that violence cannot fix the problems created by the creatures on the other side of the veil or drive them away.

Our listing here:

And if you want to check out the original (now funded) Kickstarter project, check it here: