Monday Markets - Thinking Horror Journal (via @thinkinghorror)

Thinking Horror is paying for non-fiction essays about horror literature:

THINKING HORROR is a journal dedicated to exploring horror in literature exclusively. The unofficial theme of the literature journal is “Why Horror?”

We are looking for non-fiction articles about the genre written by the people who generally think most about it.

Interested contributors must submit a short proposal to the editors outlining the proposed topic. It needn’t be long, just so long as it communicates the topic and the goals of the essay. This will help prevent repetition, or work on something that ultimately does not fit the journal’s intentions.

Submissions are via article proposal (It’s marked ‘Query first’ in our directory'), so if you try to record a direct submission in Literarium you’ll see a warning saying something along the lines of ‘hey, you don’t have an accepted Query submission’. Remember to RTFG (ie, Read the … Friendly … Guidelines.

Essays on the topic up to 1,000 words pay $20 USD per piece.

Our listing here: