Monday Markets - Recognize Fascism, June 3, 2019

And we’re back! Last Monday was a public holiday in Australia and instead of working through it like I usually do I did some exercise and forgot to post here, whoops.

Crossed Genres recently published their ‘Resisting Fascism’ micro-anthology, and they’re supplementing their collection with their next call for submissions: ‘Recognize Fascism’:

We’re looking for personal stories of the moment when people see the fascism in front of them for what it is, accept it as real, and make the choice to fight it. Who are the canaries in the coal mine? When can the long-hidden voice no longer be ignored?

They’re paying pro rates at 8 US c/word, looking for unpublished works between 250 and 5,000 words. Get submitting - June 3 is the cut-off.

Literarium listing here: