Monday Markets - Hear Me Roar Anthology, Sep 1, 2019, (HT: @Incognitiously)

Everyone loves a good dragon story! Rhonda Parrish is reading for a new anthology about women and dragons:

I’m looking for stories about empowered women and dragons. Women slayers, shifters, lovers and riders are all welcome as long as the women have agency and the dragons are awesome.

While I’m being purposefully vague here, I will be looking for the greatest possible diversity in stories–not only in characters, but setting, dragon-types, plot, voice and style. If you’ve read any of my other anthologies you should have a fairly good idea of what I’m looking for and if you haven’t, maybe now is a good time to change that LOL

NOTE: This anthology is only open to submissions from members of Rhonda’s mailing list, so get on that if you want the submission URL.

Payment is a token $20 USD and a paperback copy, and she is reading until September 1, 2019.

Literarium listing is here: