Monday Markets - Thrilling Words Magazine

Thrilling Words magazine is looking for a very particular (and in my opinion, cool) pair of story submissions:

The basic idea behind Thrilling Words is to ask authors to produce two flash fiction stories. Stories that are related but not dependent on each other. One story will be posted on the public website and social media, the other is put in the members area.

As for the style of story we are looking for, it can be anything that has a speculative element. The nature of the speculation, be it fantasy, sci-fi, superhero or just plain surreal is not important, the more important thing is to have fun with the story. And it’s this last point, having fun, that’s the most important stylistic element. We are looking for stories that trace their heritage more from pulp traditions than literary. Stories that make you feel more than make you think. Stories that have a sense of humor even if they aren’t humorous stories. Though we do love funny stories.

Specifically, they’re after a pair of flash stories totalling 2,000 words, ideally set in the same speculative universe, or otherwise related. Definitely no cliffhangers or serial stories here.

Pay is $160 USD for the pair of stories, which is pro-rates at this length.

Check them out here: