Monday Markets - SNAFU: Last Stand, Jun 30 (via @CohesionPress)

It’s time again for another Cohesion Press Military Horror anthology: SNAFU: Last Stand

Think 300, the Alamo, the Battle of Mirbat, the First Battle of Mogadishu, the Battle of Hel, or Custer’s Last Stand (but with unnatural monsters)… anything that can be called a high-action potentially-last stand monster story. For level of unnatural creature we will give priority to, think Dog Soldiers or Aliens. We want lots of monster goodness. We will also be looking for soldiers, mercs, police, private security/paramilitary. Hell, even a group of bodyguards protecting some arsehole druglord on his jungle property.

Just ensure the last stand aspect is both overt and unique, and don’t forget monsters!

Payment is 5c AUD/word for stories on the Last Stand theme between 2,000 and 10,000 words. Submissions close June 30, 2019. Tim Miller (of Deadpool, Terminator, Love, Death & Robots fame) is writing an introduction to this one. Get your name out there!

Literarium listing is here: