Monday Markets - Sonder Magazine, June 30, 2019 (via @MagazineSonder)

Sonder Magazine is reading for its first issue, on the topic of its name:

We are a new not-for-profit publication, hoping to publish your creative work. We are focused on the idea of sonder, the self, and others.

If you’re thinking, “huh what’s sonder eh ye arseholes making up words,” it’s that existential feeling you get when you’re walking down the street or sitting in the pub and are overcome by the realization that everyone you pass is just out there doing their own thing, thinking their own thoughts and living their own lives. It’s kinda freaky.

We want this zine to reflect everyday people and how extraordinary each individual is. Sonder doesn’t have to be a solitary feeling, which is why we want to put it all together in this little haven for individuality. We want people to open up this publication and find themselves reflected in other people’s work.

For their first issue, Sonder’s editors Orla and Sinéad are looking for short fiction and creative essays up to 2,000 words, flash fiction up to 700, and up to 40 lines of poetry. Although I normally don’t include non-paying markets (there are plenty listed in Duotrope if you want to find them*), I do support new magazines; this is Sonder’s first issue, and they note:

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a contributor’s fee, but that is our overall aim.

You’d be surprised how many established literary markets don’t even acknowledge the concept of paying their contributors.

Submissions for issue one close June 30th.

Listing here:

*Oi, I’ve been sick, allow me a little snark