Monday Markets - The Macabre Museum magazine, Sept 15, 2019

Submissions are open for The Macabre Museum magazine until mid-September:

What I seek to publish:

Dark & Twisted Fiction. Unsettling and literary are the only two hints I’ll provide that might lead to an acceptance.

Macabre Poetry.

Gut-Wrenching Art. The art should give me nightmares.

They’re paying $5 per poem, $25 per story, and $10 per art piece. Stories should be dark literary fiction between 3,000 and 7,000 words. Reprints are also accepted and pay $5 per piece.

Think Jackson, Ligotti, Barker, think the films of Polanski (especially the Apartment Trilogy), think of Cronenberg. For inspiration purposes, not imitation. Give us something new, but with the haunting flavor of the artists listed above.

Our listing is here: