Monday Markets - Space and Time Magazine (via @SpaceandTimeMag)

Space and Time is opening on the 21st of September for Fiction and Poetry submissions:

Before man could fly, some writer dreamed of it. In a time when midwives were burned as witches, space remained unexplored and fantasy was frowned upon, forward thinkers dared to have bigger thoughts and preserve them in ink. We seek those words.

Here at Space and Time we open our pages to those that can see beyond the horizons into our future. We welcome poetry, art and fiction that bend rules, transcend genre and break stereotypes. We accept the unacceptable—as long as it's well written, submitted in standard electronic manuscript format and polished to a high gloss. We hope to find the unexpected. We have the space, and the time, to seek it.

Word count is up to 10,000 words, with a preference for 5,000-7,500 words. Payment is 1 USD cent per word and $5 for poetry pieces up to a pag ein length,

Link to our listing here: