Monday Markets - Bawajigan: Stories of Power Anthology - Oct 1, 2017

Only for indigenous authors, and mostly for Canadian ones, but narrow demographics don't scare us here at Literarium:

Are dreams merely wish fulfillment? Can they offer healing, guidance or insight through psycho-analysis? What do dreams reveal or conceal? Are they another level of reality? Do computers, AI entities, or androids dream? Are we living inside of a holographic universe? What do animals or monsters or ghosts or devils dream about? What if two people had the same dream? What if there were predators that stalked our dreams? What if designer-dreams became just another product to sell? Do dream-worlds exist? Are dreams multi-dimensional or cross-dimensional realities? Who is that dream-man or dream-woman? What if a dream came true? What if they always came true? Do places incite specific times of dreaming? Are we our ancestors’ wildest dream come true?

They're after short fiction up to 5,000 words, paying 5c CAD/word. They'll accept stories in indigenous languages if accompanied by an English translation, and will accept submissions from non-Canadians, although due to government art funding 90% of their authors must be Canadian or expats paying tax to Canada. Hey, at least their government is offering funding, right?

Check them out here: