Monday Markets - Argot Magazine (via @argotmagazine)

Argot Magazine is actively looking for submissions:

We’re interested in writing and visual art that spans the worlds of queer culture, the feminine narrative, marginalized communities, and politics and culture.

Are you an engineer struggling to succeed in a sexist environment? A non-binary cosplayer who’s found your perfect nerd community? A teacher with lupus who constantly questions how much to divulge about your disability?

We’re interested in the margins, in questions of alienation and community building, but it doesn’t stop there. Tell us about your activism, your healing moments, your isolation and danger.

They're paying for poetry, fiction and non-fiction fiction for a queer audience. Shorter pieces start at $50 and they max out at $250 USD for 4,000 word long-form works (just on 6 1/4c per word). Support paying literary mags!

Literarium listing here: