Monday Markets - Twisted Love anthology, November 26, 2019 (via @BronzevilleB)

Real life got in the way yesterday so the blog post was delayed. It’s probably still Monday in America though, so I consider it only a half failure!

Today we’re looking at the Bronzeville books anthology ‘Twisted Love’. They’re after fiction addressing complicated relationships:

Bronzeville is now open to submissions for an anthology called Twisted Love. Twisted Love will feature stories with unsettling and unconventional relationships. Give us stories of toxic relationships or lovers bound by crime or fetish. Think Soldier and Angel from Hap and Leonard, season 1.

They’re open until the end of November, looking for crime/spec fic./ya fiction unto 3,000 words, and paying 5c US/word. Note: just because a relationship is complicated doesn’t mean you have to be a dick:

We will not publish works that appear to promote hate towards people based on their religion, race, gender or orientation. While we may publish a story about racism, or that has sexism or bigotry as a component, there’s a line between writing about something and endorsing it. When necessary, we will hire a sensitivity editor to review content. “While we will consider stories that deal with sexual abuse, the acts should be alluded to but not detailed. We are not interested in publishing stories that would appeal to pedophiles or abusers.” – Sandra Ruttan

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Rebuilding Tomorrow anthology, 31 Jan, 2020 (via @12thPlanetPress)

Twelfth Planet Press is reading for the sequel to their Defying Doomsday antho:

Rebuilding Tomorrow is a followup anthology to Defying Doomsday, which was an anthology of apocalypse-survival fiction with a focus on disabled characters. Rebuilding Tomorrow will again focus on disabled and/or chronically ill protagonists but, rather than focussing on survival in the immediate aftermath of an apocalypse, we want stories set a significant time after an apocalyptic disaster. We want stories that show society getting back on its feet and people who have moved past (or are in the process of moving past) subsistence-level existence into a new, sustainable world, even though it’s one that has been irrevocably changed by an apocalypse.

Like Defying Doomsday, this anthology deals with protagonists with some form of disability or impairment:

(One of) the protagonist(s) must be a character with a disability or physical impairment, chronic illness, mental illness or neurodiversity etc. We will consider stories with characters experiencing all kinds of disability and illness and hope that submitting authors will be creative with the possibilities.

We feel strongly that disability or chronic illness (etc) should have a frequent (if not daily) impact on the character’s life. For example, a character with a deadly peanut allergy in a world where peanuts have been wiped out by a plague isn’t going to quite cut it. However, we are not looking for issue stories or stories where disability is the sole focus of the narrative.

They’re open until the end of January 2020, and looking for short fiction between 2,000 and 6,000 words, paying 0.08c USD/word.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Neon Hemlock Press and Ashes + Glitter (via @neonhemlock)

Neon Hemlock is open to novella submissions as well as submissions to its anthology ‘Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn’t Die’:

What we want to see: We are looking for speculative stories that explore ramifications of the apocalypse through queer narratives. We want queer stories and we want trans stories and we want indefinable stories. We welcome a broad interpretation of the post-apocalyptic genre; give us your scraps of hope in every ruined future (we love genre elements from fantasy, horror and science fiction). Throughout, we’re looking for rich, varied and nuanced understandings of gender, family and ethnicity.

Pay is 6 cents/word and they want fiction on the topic up to 6,000 words (with a preference of around 4,000). The anthology closes November 30, so get writing!

They’re also open to novellas, as a general publisher (check out the relevant link) below.

Our Literarium listing is here:

Monday Markets - Starling magazine

Starling magazine offers opportunities for New Zealand authors under the age of 25:

Each issue will lead off with new work from an established New Zealand writer – a lighting of the way – and close with an interview with a person of note from the literary industry.

The young writers featured here will shape and drive what New Zealand writing is to become. Starling is a chance to get a glimpse of where they might take us.

I can’t find any comment on pay (please update the listing if you find out!) but they’re looking for up to 6 poems or up to 2 short-stories or non-fiction submissions, by authors aged 25 at the time of submission. They’re open all year but issue deadlines are 20 April and 20 November annually.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Ancient Warfare magazine

Here’s a bit of a change: Karwansaray Press publishes Ancient Warfare magazine, which is open to non-fiction essays on that very topic:

Articles are written for a large audience, interested in ancient military history. This means that the article should be both informative and based on modern academic research, but written in a smooth and easily accessible style.

Be original. Captivate the reader with an interesting narrative. The course of battles, developments in wars, strategies and weaponry is more attractive than a digression on literary sources or a detailed account of a scientific debate (except when the topic of your suggested article is a particular debate).

They accept pitches for articles, and are paying 10 euro cents per word for essays between roughly 2,000-4,000 words.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - South of the Sun: Australian Fairy Tales for the 21st Century, 14 Nov, 2019 (via @AusFairyTaleSoc)

The Australian Fairy Tale society is partnering with Serenity Press to produce their new anthology, South of the Sun:

We are seeking original tales with a supernatural element, traditional or experimental. They may be retellings of old fairy tales, but in an Australian setting. Our readership is YA+Adult, Rated G. Stretch boundaries. Let your imagination roam, spin magic!

They’re opening tomorrow and looking for new stories on the theme with a length of ‘around 3,000 words’, so I’ve put 2,500-3,500 into the pay rates section. Payment information is going to become clearer as they run through their Kickstarter, which is opening soon! If you love fairy tales, and know enough about Australia to write a good one on the topic, keep an eye on it.

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Selene Quarterly

For a change here’s a market that won’t be open until May next year, giving you some time to write:

Selene Quarterly Magazine is a quarterly periodical of speculative romance, mystery, and alternate history published in May, August, November, and February.

In their ‘of interest’ section they mention the following:

Dieselpunk, Solarpunk, Arcanepunk, Weird Westerns, Cyberpunk, Magic Realism, Gothic Romance, Retrofuturism, Afrofuturism, Cli-Fi and other lesser-known sub-genres

Selene publishes fiction between 100 and 17,500 words paying 6c/word. They also publish reprints at 1c/word. The only drawback is that they’re only open two weeks a year, so I imagine that competition will be fierce.

Find the Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Dominion anthology, 31 Dec, 2019

Aurelia Leo, publishers of (among others) Helios magazine, are reading for a new anthology:

Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora seeks speculative fiction that grapples with the question: “What is the legacy and the future of Africa and the African Diaspora?” We want authors and poets from the African continent and the African Diaspora. More specifically, we want horror, science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history in the following sub-genres: Horror Noire, Afrofuturism, Africanfuturism, Sword and Soul, Rococoa, Steamfunk, and Dieselfunk.

They’re open to stories and poetry both original and reprinted, up to 17,000 words. Payment is $80 USD for the first thousand words and then a cent per word after that. There’s no real clean way to determine whether that’s pro or token since it depends what you’re sending, so I’ve added this detail in the pay rate comments for the listing.

You’ve got until the end of the year to submit, so get writing!

Our Literarium listing is here:

Monday Markets - Little Blue Marble magazine (via @lbluemarble)

It’s Cli-Fi time! Little Blue Marble is a Canadian magazine publishing (optimistic) speculative climate fiction:

Because there is, at the moment, only one little blue marble for all of us, our goal is to bring greater awareness of the consequences and potential solutions to anthropogenic climate change. We do this by linking to great content from around the web, and publishing original articles and works of speculative fiction.

They’re after fiction, poetry and non-fiction submissions, both original and reprinted - generally optimistic, so not just depressing stories about how our planet is on fire, kthx. Original submissions up to 2,000 words, paying 10c CAD per word (1c p/w for reprints).

They have a Patreon too (

Check out our listing here:

Monday Markets - Space and Time Magazine (via @SpaceandTimeMag)

Space and Time is opening on the 21st of September for Fiction and Poetry submissions:

Before man could fly, some writer dreamed of it. In a time when midwives were burned as witches, space remained unexplored and fantasy was frowned upon, forward thinkers dared to have bigger thoughts and preserve them in ink. We seek those words.

Here at Space and Time we open our pages to those that can see beyond the horizons into our future. We welcome poetry, art and fiction that bend rules, transcend genre and break stereotypes. We accept the unacceptable—as long as it's well written, submitted in standard electronic manuscript format and polished to a high gloss. We hope to find the unexpected. We have the space, and the time, to seek it.

Word count is up to 10,000 words, with a preference for 5,000-7,500 words. Payment is 1 USD cent per word and $5 for poetry pieces up to a pag ein length,

Link to our listing here:

Monday Markets - NEXT! Anthology, Dec 1, 2019 (via @peepaltreepress)

Peepal Tree press and Inscribe magazine are reading for their new anthology NEXT!, which is looking for speculative fiction by Black British writers:

Our broad definition of 'Black British' is simply one of self-identification: i.e., if you are a writer ‘of colour’ born, raised, living, or have lived in Britain and self-identify as Black British, then we welcome your submission.

The genre for this new anthology is speculative fiction. There is no specific subject matter or theme -- anything goes, as long as it’s good. What we are looking for is the weird and the unusual.

That’s a nice and broad description for content, so to assist in narrowing it down they do suggest reading:

Nalo Hopkinson, Octavia Butler, Irenosen Okojie, Leone Ross, Karen Lord, Anthony Joseph, Nnedi Okorafor, the Dark Matter series edited by Sheree Thomas and Walter Mosley’s Blue Light.

Word count is 1,500 to 5,000 words, and they’re open until the first of December. I can’t find any payment information so I’ve marked it as unknown. Feel free to update the directory entry if anyone finds out!

Link to our listing here:

Monday Markets - Lost Love anthology, Nov 30, 2019 (via @DragonSoulPress)

Submissions are open for Lost Love anthology until the end of November:

Nearly everyone has had a lost love. In other words, the one that got away either due to another person, drifting apart, death, etc. Whether it be the boy next door, a loyal princess, or a supernatural being, all of these stories have two things in common: loss and heartbreak.

They’re after short stories and novelettes between 5,000 and 15,000 words. Royalties are paid quarterly, although I couldn’t find out what the royalty rate is. They will also accept reprints if you hold the full rights. Query with your submission!

Check out the Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - The Macabre Museum magazine, Sept 15, 2019

Submissions are open for The Macabre Museum magazine until mid-September:

What I seek to publish:

Dark & Twisted Fiction. Unsettling and literary are the only two hints I’ll provide that might lead to an acceptance.

Macabre Poetry.

Gut-Wrenching Art. The art should give me nightmares.

They’re paying $5 per poem, $25 per story, and $10 per art piece. Stories should be dark literary fiction between 3,000 and 7,000 words. Reprints are also accepted and pay $5 per piece.

Think Jackson, Ligotti, Barker, think the films of Polanski (especially the Apartment Trilogy), think of Cronenberg. For inspiration purposes, not imitation. Give us something new, but with the haunting flavor of the artists listed above.

Our listing is here:

Monday Markets - Unnatural Order Anthology, Oct 31 (HT @EnoughSnark)

The CSFG is reading for their new anthology, ‘Unnatural Order’:

The dragon on her hoard. The horror in its void. The word-spanning AI. The demon reaping souls. Too often fiction portrays the non-human as Other; as a threat to be destroyed, to be conquered… or to be “saved”, assimilated back into the teeming throngs of humanity.

Not this time. This time, it’s the non-humans’ turn. What is life like, to be imperfect. To observe humanity from without? What does it mean to be seen as horrific, to be rejected… and to overcome that? Or embrace it? To embrace it or reject it? And what does our love of these stories tell us can we, as human readers, learn from that about ourselves?

Unnatural Order is an anthology for strange days and grotesque beauty, as the monstrous seeps out from the dark, and makes the light its own.These r?heir site.

They’re after short fiction from Australian residents/ex-pats or CSFG members (I think that counts NZ folks, but best to check). Stories need to be on theme and up to 5,000 words. They’re paying $30 AUD (with hopeful increase depending on an upcoming Kickstarter funding round) and a contributor copy. Open ‘through October’, which I’m assuming means until Oct 31, 2019. Get writing!

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - Macabre Museum (via @MacabreMuseum)

Macabre Museum is reading for their first issue. You can probably guess from their name what they’re after:

Dark & Twisted Fiction. […] Unsettling and literary are the only two hints I’ll provide that might lead to an acceptance.

Macabre Poetry. […]

Gut-Wrenching Art. […] The art should give me nightmares.

These requests seem pretty straightforward. They’re after 3,000-7,000 word fiction and paying a token $20 USD per story ($10 per poem, $15 per art piece). Check them out! It’s always good to support new entrants in the magazine world. They also have a Patreon you can dig on their site.

Head over to our listing here:

Monday Markets - Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors, 31 Aug, 2019 (HT: @smoph)

Written Backwards press is reading for their new horror anthology:

What happens when we make monsters?

What happens when we confront the monsters inside ourselves?

These are the grotesque things that should never have been. These are the beasts that stalk our twisted pasts. These are the ghosts of our own making that haunt our regrets.

They’re the blood on our hands. They’re the obsessions in our heads. They’re the vengeance in our hearts.

These are Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors.

They’re after original horror on the theme between 2,000 and 5,000 words, paying 5 USD c/word. Deadline is 31 August!

Our listing lies beyond this link:

Monday Markets - DreamForge Magazine (via @DreamForgeMag)

DreamForge Magazine is busily working through their submissions pile and preparing to open in August:

At DreamForge Magazine, we welcome readers with a passion for positive fantasy and science fiction. Here you will find stories where characters endure, overcome, and embrace that spirit of wonder and discovery through which sentient beings invest the universe with meaning and purpose.

Our outlook is sanguine, faithful to those dreamers and makers who came before us to brave ages far darker than our own, supportive of present idealists who remain indomitable in the face our time’s apocalyptic fears, and hopeful that the principles of compassion, justice, and truth shall endure until the end of time.

They’ve just published Issue 2 and as a professionally paying market I’m not surprised that they’re receiving a lot of submissions.

They’re after positive SF/F:

Positive stories demonstrating the triumph of the human spirit and the power of hope and humane values in overcoming the most daunting challenges.

Space opera, urban fantasy, military sf, magical realms, hard science fiction, sword & sorcery, time travel, cyberpunk, steampunk, hopepunk, and whatever else comes before punk. Parables, poetry, zombies, and vampires are also welcome. No horror please.

Payment is between 4-8 USD c/word depending on length and whether or not a story is a reprint. They’ll read poetry, micro- and flash-fiction, all the way up to novella length (max 12,000 words). They do note though that 5,000 words is about the most they’re interested in to keep a variety of stories in their issues.

Get your positive speculative fiction ready and check out our listing here:

Monday Markets - Swashbuckling Cats: Nine Lives on the Seven Seas, July 31, 2019 (via @rhondaparrish)

Rhonda Parrish is after submissions to her new anthology (via Tycho Press), ‘Swashbuckling Cats’::

I’m putting together an anthology full of feisty felines on the high seas! I want pirate cats, and Viking cats. Submariner cats and explorer cats. This book is going to be filled with adventure-loving cats, puns and fun. I want it to be a wild, rollicking ride complete with sword fights, sea monsters, treasure hunting, discovering new worlds and lots and lots of kittehs.

Be careful not to get too caught up in the fun and forget to include a strong plot and detailed characters for your story, though.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me, tbh. Rhonda is looking for short stories up to 9,000 words, paying $50 CAD and a paperback contributor copy per piece. Submissions close July 31st.

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - Signs of Life, December 31, 2019

Signs of Life is looking for your on-theme stories:

Signs of life is an upcoming literary anthology themed around first- and second-hand experiences of illness and care-giving.

How do experiences of sickness or incapacitation change our bodies, who we are, and how we see the world? And how do they affect the people around us?

Writers are asked to write from the point of view of the patient, care-giver (professional or otherwise) or kin. The illness depicted may be acute or chronic, life-threatening or relatively minor. We are anticipating stories that interrogate the difficulty and challenges of not being well but also those of connection, change, humour and growth.

They’re accepting up to 2 submissions of fiction or creative non-fiction each, and paying $100 AUD per accepted piece. Get your stories in before 31st of December 2019!

Listing here:

Monday Markets - Sonder Magazine, June 30, 2019 (via @MagazineSonder)

Sonder Magazine is reading for its first issue, on the topic of its name:

We are a new not-for-profit publication, hoping to publish your creative work. We are focused on the idea of sonder, the self, and others.

If you’re thinking, “huh what’s sonder eh ye arseholes making up words,” it’s that existential feeling you get when you’re walking down the street or sitting in the pub and are overcome by the realization that everyone you pass is just out there doing their own thing, thinking their own thoughts and living their own lives. It’s kinda freaky.

We want this zine to reflect everyday people and how extraordinary each individual is. Sonder doesn’t have to be a solitary feeling, which is why we want to put it all together in this little haven for individuality. We want people to open up this publication and find themselves reflected in other people’s work.

For their first issue, Sonder’s editors Orla and Sinéad are looking for short fiction and creative essays up to 2,000 words, flash fiction up to 700, and up to 40 lines of poetry. Although I normally don’t include non-paying markets (there are plenty listed in Duotrope if you want to find them*), I do support new magazines; this is Sonder’s first issue, and they note:

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a contributor’s fee, but that is our overall aim.

You’d be surprised how many established literary markets don’t even acknowledge the concept of paying their contributors.

Submissions for issue one close June 30th.

Listing here:

*Oi, I’ve been sick, allow me a little snark