Digital Rights Management - Some Problems via @DouglasCootey

This article was brought to my attention by Sean from Although long blog posts about DRM are always boiling beneath the surface of my skin, they aren't really appropriate for Literarium and more likely to appear on my personal blog.

Make no mistake, though: Literarium does not support digital rights management of files. Chiefly because it doesn't work, doesn't achieve its goals, and treats readers like criminals. It's also expensive and frustrating. But let's move on...

Douglas Cootey details his experience in dealing with the most common flavour of DRM currently inflicted on legitimate ebook customers, Adobe's Digital Editions. Tragically writers rarely have much of a say in how their publisher decides to package their work electronically, but imagine placing one of your loyal readers into Douglas's shoes. At the end of this harrowing ride, is the reader going to be angry at your publisher or you?

Have a read of:

I think Douglas might have a follow up in the future, and I'll try to let you know how it turns out.