What I learned from running a Kickstarter (via @blessedstsean)

This Kickstarter post-mortem describes acquiring funding for a 24 Hour Comics Day day, but the lessons apply equally to your own creative project.

[N]ow that my ulcers have healed, I want to share with you: what I learned in all those hours of anxious devotion to a goal whose success or failure was becoming very, very personal.

St Sean of the Knife condenses his main points looking back over this particular project down to:

  1. I Love My Friends, But They Can’t Pay For My Hobbies.
  2. Develop A Fan-Base Early On.
  3. HYPE HYPE HYPE (Wide and Well, But Don’t Be An Asshole).
  4. Support Is Out There. Sorta.
  5. I Still Don’t Understand Why Some Projects Are Funded And Other are Not.

Point 5 is true of all creative projects. 'Why is [author x] selling millions of copies when the writing is so terrible?' The answer is 'luck' or any number of factors combining in a way indistinguishable from luck.

Click through and have a read. This is a really personal and frank account of the sort of pitfalls you will more than likely encounter on your way through the savage wilds of crowdfunding.

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