H.P. Lovecraft’s Advice to Young Writers (HT: @muskrat_john)

Sometimes we post old articles here, but this one is a little older than usual. Writing on his blog in 1920*, H.P. Lovecraft gives some advice for young writers. It's a great little peek into almost 100 year old advice, regardless of your feelings about Lovecraft or his writing:

A review of the elements of English grammar would be foreign to the purpose of this department. The subject is one taught in all common schools, and may be presumed to be understood by every aspirant to authorship. It is necessary, however, to caution the beginner to keep a reliable grammar and dictionary always beside him, that he may avoid in his compositions the frequent errors which imperceptibly corrupt even the purest ordinary speech.

I particularly like how he reminds us to avoid things that...frankly...I can't see anything wrong with:

(2) Barbarous compound nouns, as viewpoint or upkeep.
(16) Use of words in wrong senses, as “The book greatly intrigued me,” [...] “He was obsessed with the idea,” or “He is a meticulous writer.”

Link here:

*the internet did not exist in 1920, I was lying for comedic effect.