Star Wars

Just for Fun: How Obsessive Fans Built a Better Han Solo Blaster (via @testedcom)

This is tangentially related to writing: a very detailed look at some obsessive prop-replica-makers, and their quest for the ultimate Han Solo blaster. You may not care about Star Wars, or you may (like me) ignore everything Star Wars except the original trilogy (and obviously the Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage): however, consider the fan devotion that has lived for decades after the Star Wars universe was first envisioned. How amazingly awesome would it be if even a fraction of that dedication was for a world or character we created?

One thing that Case, Matera, Trevas, and all the other DL-44 replica makers can agree on is that the will of a collected group is much more effective than the efforts of an individual alone. These makers all crave their own DL-44 replica, but there’s no place they can buy parts that are accurate enough to satisfy their demands. Online shops like Blast-Tech make a business out of selling replica kits to hobbyists, but these kits aren’t kept up to date with the new discoveries. Individually milling or molding your own parts is very expensive, and not everyone has access to a machine shop. That’s why every so often, members of the RPF band together to produce limited quantity runs of parts, complete with the newest data. Trevas says a run of this quality hasn’t been done in a long time.

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