Digital Publishing Trends survey (via @AlanBaxter)

Just a quick post today - Alan Baxter wrote a good article yesterday analysing the results of the Copyright Agency Limited survey on digital publishing trends in Australia. For our American readers, Australia is really still an infant compared to the massive ebook culture of the United States, so it might be an interesting look even for you. It's odd to imagine that something that is essentially place-less, like a digital file, can still be so territorially bound, but regional restrictions actually make it difficult for Australian readers to legitimately buy digital books that American readers take for granted (not to mention the incomparably poor pricing structures here).

I'll let Alan introduce his own article:

CAL conducted a survey of members to learn more about their views of, and experiences with digital publishing in Australia. Over 2,000 CAL members responded, making this survey the largest of its kind in the Australian publishing environment.

I am inclined to be as surprised as he was at this (we both figured this number would be higher):

Around half of all authors and publishers create digital products

He also links to the full article in his post, so head over to:

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Australian Authors on Twitter - a list instigated by @alanbaxter

On June 5, 2011, Mr Alan Baxter casually threw out a request on twitter for any Australian authors with twitter accounts. He'd conceived of this superficially brilliant notion without realising the consequences - Australia may be small, but there is a huge community of authors, and so he was quickly swamped with enthusiasm. His post contains a good starting list, which he eventually migrated into a twitter list. I believe it's being expanded through comments in his original post.

For anyone who uses twitter and who is interested in following this slowly expanding list of Australian authors, follow here:!/AlanBaxter/aussie-authors-on-twitter/members