Do autocritters help? (via @GretavdR)

Greta van der Rol recently pushed her novel 'Starheart' through an autocritiqueing program to see how well it worked, or whether it worked at all:

I’m not a great adherent of the “Rules of Writing” as I’m sure some of you know. But on a whim I decided to test my MS against an ‘autocritter’. They come under various names and are easy enough to find. Software which sucks in your manuscript, breaks out every word, and comes back with a list of how many times you used what.

She illustrates the results with pictures. I discussed the results with her briefly on twitter and we both wondered where the criteria came from. For example, we were both surprised that ideally there were no allowable word occurrences of 'so', 'very' or 'really'?


Read her thoughts in detail here: