Judging a Book by Its Cover: A 6-year-old Guesses What Classic Novels Are All About (via @Sunnychanel HT: @katengh)

This is an older post but still entertaining: Sunny Chanel's daughter is curious about books.

“Momma, what’s this book about?” That is a question that I hear every time we go to our local bookstore as my very curious six-year-old daughter picks up eye-catching books from various sections from fiction to biographies to psychology.

In an entertaining experiment Ms6 was presented with a range of classic and some not-so-classic book covers in order to see what she made of it:

Fifty Shades of Grey

"On the cover is a very weird looking Zebra. The book is about a zebra that wears pants. It’s a drama book about this zebra guy who likes to go fishing for aces."

And no, I have no idea what she meant by any of that either.

Have a laugh about it here:

What's Wrong with Romance Covers (via @jobourne)

Joanna Bourne compares genre covers with romance covers and offers her angry opinion as a historical romance writer:

What does this say to the world about Historical Romance? It says, "One Romance book is like another."  It says, "No story inside this book, Ma'm. Just pick one at random." This is so much lack of respect. I hate this.

Check out her visual comparisons:

Designing your ebook covers - via @DerekJCanyon

One of Literarium's features is a directory of services, and cover artists are a perfect example of a service that is a high priority for modern self-publishing authors. Derek Canyon wrote an interesting post about how he designs his ebook covers. Although he uses a professional artist, he still has to make compositional decisions about the various elements, title, author, etc. Derek makes some interesting points about his approach to trying to stand out in a crowded field, and I thought it was a worthwhile read.

Check it out at:

Derek regularly posts interesting information about his journey into self-publishing, so keep an eye on his blog or twitter feed.

Have you had any insights in designing your own covers?