Fans, Favors, Finance & Fur (via Peter Watts)

Peter Watts (who should need no introduction to science fiction fans) posted this short article late last year, in which he discusses being confused about foreign editions of his work coming out in print, but also this tremendous example of fan-effort:

[A] fan by the name of Ellen Herzfeld took on the gruelling and unenviable task of convertingBlindsight into e-pub format, entirely on her own initiative.  I’ve posted it over on the Blindsight backlist page (or just save yourself a couple of clicks and get it direct), with awestruck thanks.  I still don’t even have an e-reader, much less the skills to convert such files, and Ellen did more than a simple conversion.  She checked my references, updated a couple of obsolete ones, and fixed broken links.  If I ever meet the woman face to face, I owe her dinner. A nice one.

Technically, this fan pirated Peter's work and then published an unauthorised edition, so she's Evil (TM) and Destroying The Industry (TM), right?

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