Welcome, Writers!

Welcome to the Literarium blog! We're still putting up the wallpaper and cleaning out the smell of the previous occupant. I think it was some kind of marsupial family. This blog is intended to let Lucas and myself share our progress with you transparently, as well as provide a view into interesting articles and events happening around the writing world.

We're living in a golden age of writing, in my view:

  • Never before has self-publishing been a viable option for authors, but now, for the first time, indie authors are making money and easily able to connect to their audiences.
  • Traditional publishers are being forced to contend with new publishing models, and the amazing success of electronic books.

Literarium is firmly coming to the writing world from a writer's perspective, and the modern writer needs to be aware that it is possible to source your own editing, cover art and marketing, if you so desire.

We're here to provide tools and an organically generated community.

Our goals are lofty, and though we're starting small we expect Literarium to provide several very interesting directions for writers, whether you are someone who wants to manage all aspects of your writing career, or someone who enjoys connecting to other writers, or local community writing hubs, such as bookshops or libraries.

Keep an eye on this blog; I'll be finding interesting stuff and posting it with my own commentary.

Come for the ride!