Legal Issues in Self-Publishing: What Authors Need to Know (via @opednews)

I'm a little distracted from blogging this week (and the next few) as I'm in the final stretches of trying to get Literarium ready to show some writers (over beers) at the National SF Convention in Canberra at the end of April! Also, I'm prepping for a book launch around then. However, I bookmarked this recently. Some interesting considerations here from Bernard Starr, interviewing Paul Rapp, relating to self-publishing:

If you self-publish, you are the publisher and thus assume all the legal responsibilities. At first this might seem frightening. But it doesn't have to be, as I discovered in my interview with Paul Rapp, an attorney who specializes in intellectual property rights in Monterey, Mass. and teaches Art & Entertainment Law and Copyright Law at Albany (N.Y.) Law School. He also discusses copyright issues in publishing on Vox Pop on Northeast Public Radio.

Full article here: