Why I have Returned to Printing My Books (via @thecreativepenn)

Joanna Penn writes about why she has turned around from her declaration a year ago to focus on ebooks. She's put up a nice video too, if you prefer to hear it directly from the author. There's a whole list of reasons in the article, but I like:

When I started with print, when I just had one book out, I ended up selling 95% ebooks and very few print anyway. I didn’t have a big enough audience and it didn’t justify the design costs back then. BUT/ now I have 3 ebooks and the print design is paid for by the ebook sales.

That makes perfect sense. I like to think of print as a premium product, a thing to hold and display, so with that mindset it makes perfect sense to lead with the lower cost product until there is a more positive cash flow.

Personally, this applies too:

Book groups, fans, family and friends all want a print copy (plus my ego likes it!)

You can't really have a virtual brag shelf, right?

Check it out here: