A Year of Novel Writing in Aggregate (via @garykemble)

We're back at the other end of the holiday season, and I'm starting this year's posts with a local writing friend, Gary Kemble. Gary aggregated his posts and observations during a year of writing his in-progress novel 'Skindeep'. I recently had the pleasure of beta reading it, so examining his research points and process was interesting.

This year I was lucky enough to receive an Australia Council New Work grant to work on my novel, Skin Deep. Here's how my year panned out...

What Gary created, using the Storify service, is quite a fascinating look into the ups and downs of commiting to a novel-length work, as well as a glimpse at the massively useful crowdsourcing capability of twitter. You can see him making calls out to experts, or to people who can hook him up with a tattoo artist willing to let him tag along for research.

It seriously makes me wonder if some of the writing that's being produced these days was ever even feasible before the internet - how much time would have been wasted in the past digging up video footage of SAS troops in action?

View the entire history and process here: