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Monday Market - Uncanny Magazine (via @uncannymagazine, HT: @tansyrr)

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, Uncanny magazine is now open to submissions:

Uncanny is seeking passionate SF/F fiction and poetry with gorgeous prose– intricate, experimental stories and poems with verve and imagination that elicit strong emotions and challenge beliefs from writers from every conceivable background. Uncanny believes there’s still plenty of room in the genre for tales that make you feel.

They're after fiction from 750 to 7,500 words, paying a phenomenal 8 cents per word. They also accept poetry ($30 per poem) and reprint art ($60 per piece).

Check out the full guidelines here:

Monday Market - Apex Magazine Steal the Spotlight Micro fiction Contest - 15 Oct 2014 (via @jodicleghorn)

Apex Magazine is running another micro fiction contest. It's pretty cool and good exercise for your micro-fiction writing skills. From the site:

  1. There will be five categories: sea monsters, black dog/Hellhounds, banshees, science experiments gone wrong, and demons (this can include wendigos, succubus, be creative). Write a story to fit one of these five categories, then submit it to with the subject line formatted as Title, Author, Category.

  2. This is a micro fiction contest. Stories must be 250 words or less. If a story is more than 250 words, it will be deleted unread.

  3. You can submit one story per category, five stories total. If you submit two banshee stories, we will consider the first story your submission.

Prizes are great, folks:

6 cents per word, receive a free 12-month subscription to Apex Magazine and a short story critique from an Apex editor. Stories for critique can be up to 5,000 words long

You can find the submission guidelines here:

Monday Market - The New Accelerator - Bi Monthly Anthology (HT: @graywave)

Interesting science fiction market:

The New Accelerator would like to see stories that include the following motifs/genres and styles: amazing thoughts, brilliantly realised characters and places, thrilling situations and daring ideas, noir and future noir, exploration and explorative ideas and people/places and concepts that dazzle, planets and ships and science and stars and adventure, golden dawns and flaming red sunsets, time-bending and avant-garde creations and theories, and all-round great, exciting, thrilling and wonderful stories that The New Accelerator would be happy and proud to publish.

They're looking for 2,500 to 5,000 word short SF stories, with occasional acceptances up to 10,000 words. They're only a token market, but there is a royalty split.

Check the full guidelines here:

Monday Market - Leviathan - Deep Sea Monster Hunter - 30 Apr 2014 (via @milesboothe)

Emby Press is looking for deep sea adventures of monster hunters for their Leviathan anthology:

There is nothing like sailing upon the sea at night with the knowledge that things larger than you and your craft are swimming beneath you. These thoughts have filled ocean-goers minds for centuries, fears writhing with tentacles and teeth and the inarguable reality that we are helpless in the water. Should the frail safety of your craft fail you, you will almost certainly die a most horrible death as you become a meal. All of this is enough to send panic coursing through your veins, and these are just the simple realities of the sea.

The word limit is from 2,000 to 10,000 words, and they are looking for Dark Fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Payment is $25 and an electronic contributor copy.

You can find the submission guidelines here:

Monday Market - Aphrodite Terra Anthology - 1 Feb 2014 (via @ian_sales)

Whippleshield Books is open for submissions to its first anthology in a series of mini-anthologies, Aphrodite Terra:

 I’m looking for stories that are realistic, but that doesn’t mean they have to be science/space fiction. However, the planet Venus has to feature in there somewhere. Your story could be about the first attempt to land on Venus, or life in a habitat on the surface. It might describe a present-day group of engineers and scientists controlling a probe on the surface of Venus; or perhaps a journalist discovering evidence of a past secret mission to the planet. There are plenty of tales that can be told about Venus. Surprise me. I’m big on realism, so I’ll be looking for that. And good literary prose too.

The word limit is 6,000 words, and the anthology has room for four or five stories. Payment is 3p per word, but be warned, this isn't a market for straightforward science fiction:

My plan is to publish a series of mini-anthologies, each themed around a planetary body and containing around 20,000 to 25,000 words. But I’m not really interested in science fiction per se. I want fiction which lives at the point where the borders of science fiction and space fiction meet literary fiction.

Ian doesn't know which planetary body to pick for his next anthology, but if Venus isn't quite your thing you should keep an eye on the Whippleshield Books site (or here on Monday Markets; I'm sure I'll see his next mini-antho guidelines fly by).

You can find the full submission guidelines here:

Monday Market - Rocket Science Anthology - 31 Oct 2011 (via @stvgskll)

Mutation Press is reading for 'Rocket Science: An anthology of realistic and authentic hard science fiction', edited by Ian Sales and due for publication in 2012.

ROCKET SCIENCE is looking for original stories which realistically depict space travel and its hazards. The reader needs to know what it would be like to be there. This doesn’t mean stories must be set in interplanetary or interstellar space; but the technology and science involved must be present somewhere. It could be a story set in a spacecraft, on an asteroid or space station; or about a mission soon to leave Earth’s surface. It could be a first contact, a rescue against the odds, or a study of some unusual space phenomenon. Whatever suits. Don't be afraid to be literary.

They add, though: 'but no space opera, definitely no space opera.'

The word limit is 6,000 words, and payment is GBP10.00 per 1k words.

Rocket Science also accept non-fiction articles relating to the subject, so this is really a great opportunity to get your name out in the Hard SF arena. It's an exciting project and I hope they sell squillions of copies.

You can find the submission guidelines here: