Adobe Unsafely Gathering eBook Readers' Data (via @digibookworld)

Well we all know my stance on DRM, and because DRM needs a server somewhere to check that you're not a criminal for buying legal content, it also allows the DRM provider (in this case Adobe) to do whatever it feels like, really. From the article:

Adobe confirms some details of recent reports by The Digital Reader and Ars Technica that Adobe Digital Editions 4, the latest version of the widely used ebook platform, is gathering extensive data on its users’ ebook reading habits.

According Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader, “Adobe is gathering data on the ebooks that have been opened, which pages were read, and in what order.”

But that's ok, your private informatio is being passed back across the internet, totally unencrypted:

Adobe acknowledges that transmitting unencrypted data could pose a security risk: “In terms of the transmission of the data collected, Adobe is in the process of working on an update to address this issue.” Adobe says further that more information on when that update will be in place and of what it will consist is forthcoming.


Y'know, because securely passing your victims' usage data wasn't a top priority when this system was put in place years ago, apparently.

I guess it's not an issue unless you read the same sex scene in Plains of Passage over and over again, and who would do that, right?

Once again, the only 'customers' not adversely affected by DRM are the pirates.

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