The Problem with Writing Sequels (via @gretavdr)

Greta van der Rol on writing a sequel:

I’m in the midst of writing a sequel and I’m finding it difficult. So I’ve stopped for a moment to try to understand why it’s difficult and what (if anything) I’m doing wrong.

She has a look at a few notable series, and shares some of her own thoughts on what makes a series work for her:

I love series of books because I’m taken back to a place I already know and/or characters I’ve met.

I agree with her to a point, but I generally don't like series at all, for various reasons, including something Greta raises herself:

[I]t seems one ‘rule’ of sequels is you have to up the ante. [...] But does it always have to be like that?

Does anyone know of any well-loved sequels where this didn’t happen? Where it’s just a well constructed second story with the same characters?

I want to know too, so please click through to her post and add to the comments.

Read it here: