Earnings from Self-Publishing (via @pattyjansen)

Patty Jansen posted her self-publishing earnings from Sept 2012 to 2013. I love these detailed posts, as there is so much misinformation flying around about  how lucrative (or not) self-publishing can be.

Inspired by others on the web who have done so, I’m going to do a numbers post. Mainly for reference, but also to show people what the income of a no-name self-publishing writer with moderate success looks like. Just to give some datapoints other than the millions reportedly made by others.

No spoilers here though, you'll have to click through to read for yourself if you enjoy these kinds of things as much as I do:

Thanks Patty!

e-Book Nation Infographic (via @openparachute HT: @thecreativepenn)

Well this is just plain fun:

[The United States] is experiencing a shift from printed to digital materials as e-books are becoming more available, and owners are beginning to read more.

Who are these e-readers? Take a look:

Sample of the e-book infographic

Original article here (the image is long, I'm warning you):