Using Google Docs to Write and Edit a Book in Real Time (via @techcrunch HT: @ellenforsyth)

This is a cool idea for new media:

Using a public Google Document, [Silvia] Hartmann is typing away on “The Dragon Lords,” and the whole idea absolutely fascinates me. It’s unlikely that I’ll sit at my computer and watch her type, but I’ll probably check in from time to time on how she’s doing.

I had a quick skim to the end of the work in progress, to check out her comments and notes. There's a link to a survey in there as well, to help her guide the direction and style of the project (some readers think it is too sexy, for example).

I do a lot of recursive work and rehashing and tying-things-back-to-the-start when I write longer projects, so I'm not sure how well this would work for me. It certainly makes for a fascinating experiment. Next on the list of modern-tech to-dos, collaborative live-writing using google docs?

Original article:

Watch Silvia's work in progress here: