Simon & Schuster Pushing a Dodgy Vanity Imprint (via @indieauthor, HT: @pecunium)

True: You need professional quality work if you are self-publishing. False: You should pay a dodgy vanity publisher to do this for you.

True: Simon & Schuster emailed April L. Hamilton from Publetariat some spam, which included a bribe:

Your blog is an important resource to help authors navigate the variety of self-publishing options. We believe Archway is a unique new service for authors, and would be valued by your readers. The Archway Affiliate Program enables partners to earn a $100 bounty for each author they refer who publishes with Archway.

True: April eventually calmed down and replied:

I have always advised indie authors to avoid vanity publishers, and AuthorHouse is one of the most notorious among them. The reputation of AuthorHouse as an overpriced, under-performing scam agency far precedes its name. I have warned many a writer away from AH in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

I am very disappointed to see such an august and respected publisher as S&S moving into this new, arguably predatory market area: pairing up a respected publisher with a vanity press to offer desperate would-be authors various, fee-based "services"---any of which the writer could retain him- or herself from freelancers at a fraction of the cost---and/or a publishing contract offering terms that virtually ensure the publisher will turn a profit, but the author will not. Surely the strongly negative reaction to HarperCollins' Hydra imprint hasn't escaped your notice?

Seriously, Simon & Schuster is a big publishing firm. This kind of dodgy behaviour sounds more like ... Simon & Shyster.


There is more, so do read her considered response here: