Monday Markets - Letters from the Grave anthology - Mar 31, 2019 (via @OrbanninBooks)

Orbannin Books is open to their first anthology, ‘Letters from the Grave’ and looking for submissions:

The epistolary form has a long, proud tradition in the horror genre. From the classics such as Frankenstein and Dracula, through modern classics like World War Z. We want to see your fresh takes on the idea. Remember that the epistolary genre doesn’t just include letters. It can be stories created from nearly any kinds or combinations of documents, i.e. crime scene reports, diary entries, interview transcripts, etc. This can include modern electronic and digital “documents” such as texts, voicemails, Tweets, blog posts, and more. Original stories only, no reprints.

They’re reading stories up to 10,000 words, and paying 5c USD/word and a paperback contributor copy. Deadline is 31st of March 2019, but they’re already sending out acceptances so get in quickly before it fills up.

Our listing to the anthology here:

Orbannin books also accepts novella and novel length submissions, across speculative fiction genres (including weird west). Our listing for that is here:

Monday Markets - Buckshot Magazine

Buckshot Magazine is open and ready for your flash-length fiction:

We are looking for fresh, engaging and previously-unpublished stories of up to 2000 words in every genre and style (plus the occasional bit of poetry). Send us the pieces you're proud of -- words you want to see in print.

They pay $25 CAD via PayPal for all genres up to 2,000 words. Simultaneous submissions accepted, which is always a nice bonus. They also accept up to three stories per submission (once per week), and promise to respond within 24 hours.

Check our listing out here: and their Patreon site here

Monday Markets - Apparition Lit (via @ApparitionLit)

Apparition Lit is looking for speculative poetry and short fiction, on their quarterly theme:

Speculative fiction is weird, almost unclassifiable. It’s fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and literary. We want it all. Send us your strange, misshapen stories.

Send us stories with enough emotional heft to break a heart, with prose that’s as clear and delicious as broth. We’re looking for proactive characters and beautiful language, all wrapped up in a complete story.

They pay a semi-pro 3 US cents/word for pieces between 1,000 and 5,000 words, and $15USD for poetry up to 2 pages. Make sure your piece addresses the theme!

Literarium listing is here:

Monday Markets - Electric Spec (via @electricspec)

Electric Spec is an established online magazine looking to publish speculative fiction and art:

Electric Spec is a not-for-profit speculative fiction magazine published four times per year. Our primary goal is getting great speculative fiction into the hands (or screens) of readers. Since 2005, we've been publishing short stories from authors all over the world. We've worked with all kinds of authors, from published professionals to new writers. We also believe in the value of the editorial process, and we edit every story we publish.

The editors want fiction between 250 and 7,000 words, paying $20 USD per piece. They’re always open to submissions and publish quarterly.

Literarium listing is here:

Monday Markets - Unreal Magazine (via @longshotpress)

Hi there and welcome to 2019!

Longshot Press from Daniel Scott White is just opened Unreal Magazine (alongside Unfit, which was already open):

We want stories that are well written, intelligent, and enjoyable to read. We are looking for stories with metaphors and emotional ambience and imaginative descriptive writing. Unreal Magazine is looking for stories about fantasy, magic, and portals to other worlds at this indefinite point in time.

Both Unreal and Unfit magazines pay 1 USD/c per word from 500 to 5000 words. They operate on a ‘if you don’t hear from us in 30 days try again’ policy, so although I have 30 days in the ‘responds by’ category, it’s probably more ‘might respond if you’re lucky’.

Our listing is here:

Monday Markets - Christmas Break!

It’s Christmas Eve over here in Australia, and almost Christmas Eve in the UK, so the Literarium team is having a well-deserved break. That means that, no, this week’s post, is not an anthology called Christmas Break. I’m sorry.

We send best wishes to all your loved ones who you feel deserve them, and we wish scorpions and/or lava upon your enemies.

See you in 2019!

Monday Markets - Growing Up Disabled in Australia - 31 May, 2019 (via @blackincbooks)

Black Inc books was reading for ‘Growing up Queer in Australia' a few months ago, and are now open to submissions for a similar anthology:

We are looking for non-fiction pieces that deal with any aspect of growing up chronically ill, deaf, Deaf or disabled. Submissions can be in any manner, tone or style, but should not be academic or scholarly. They should be written in first-person and be honest accounts of lived experience – positive, negative or anything in between.

Editor Carly Findlay says: ‘I want young disabled people to read this anthology and know what’s possible for them, to see that other disabled people have had similar experiences, and to feel the impact of visibility and positive representation. While I have had a life-long chronic illness, I first identified as chronically ill and disabled when I heard other chronically ill and disabled people’s stories.’’

They're after non-fiction between 1,000-4,000 words on the topic, and paying for your work (the details to be discussed with successful authors). The deadline is 31 May, 2019, and you’ll hear back by the 1st of October.

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - Vex Me No More, 31st Dec, 2018

Horror Queen Media is publishing ‘Vex Me No More’:

We want your witch stories! Though they do not necessarily have to be female-centric, they do need to be tales of powerful, unique beings. Remember, this is a horror anthology, so while you can have elements of other genres, we want to be scared. 

They’re paying 2c/word and a contributor copy for new work on the theme up to 5,000 words, and $25/reprint submission.

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - Grumpy Old Gods anthology - Jan 13, 2019 (via @JunetaKey)

Juneta Key is co-editing a new anthology titled Grumpy Old Gods:

We’re looking for stories about mythical Gods who are waning, reborn, retired, or otherwise AWOL from their assigned post.

We invite you to re-imagine old myths, mine your local retirement home for things that tickle your fancy, and invite your Muse to go wild. The only requirement is that the god or goddess in question (or whole pantheon if you so choose) must be retired, retiring, waning in power, or ignoring their responsibilities. Bonus points for good humor.

They’re after 3,000-4,000 word short stories, on the theme (so speculative, with I think a dash of humour). Payment is a regular payment of an equal split among contributors of the sales profits. Sounds like a fun theme. I’m always more interested in narrow scopes - I find they spark creativity better than a ‘send in any story’ call.

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - Flame Tree Press (via @flametreetweet)

Flame Tree Publishing have (just?) opened up their trade imprint Flame Tree Press, paying standard royalty rates for horror, crime, sci-fi and fantasy:

We are a global publisher and sell through all major wholesalers, retailers, and online outlets, in all formats (print, ebook and audio). We sell foreign language co-editions and translation rights to publishers in many countries around the world, including France, Germany, China and Brazil, and attend all major book fairs including Frankfurt, Beijing, London and the American Booksellers Association.

We’ve focused on Flame Tree Publication’s many anthologies over the past, so it’s nice to remember they are a now a home for the handful of long-form authors out there (ha ha, I kid, I love you all, short, micro, and novel length writing authors alike, even poets!)

They’re after original novels between 70K and 120K each, and promise to respond quickly (within a week).

The Literarium listing is here:

Monday Markets - Vastarien Journal

Vastarien Journal is a little different, being fundamentally entwined with the tone of the works of Thomas Liggoti. There’s a long list of subgenres/ideas relating to literary horror that they welcome but I liked one of the last items on their list as it seems to encompass their focus:

Horror and pessimism as it relates to most any field (geography, psychology, astronomy, music, film, etc.—kind of a catchall category)

They’re after non-fiction (750-7500 words), fiction (750-6000 words), poetry (50 lines) and art for their very stylish and intellectual looking magazine. Pay is 5c/word or $50/piece for art/poetry. Check them out!

Literarium listing here:

Monday Markets - Untitled Tales anthology - Dec 31, 2018 (via @InklingsPress)

Inklings Press is heading back to their roots and are looking for stories to fill their fantasy-themed anthology, which is currently title-less:

Fantasy was where we began - and fantasy is where our next anthology will take us. 

We want you to dare to dream. We want you to imagine fantasy worlds that will surprise, that will excite. 

It’s a simple proposition: they are paying $50 USD per piece, and are looking for short stories ‘around’ 5,000 words on the theme (I’m hedging that and going to put down 2,500-7,500 - hopefully that’s close enough for them).

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - SunLit Story Time podcast

SunLit Fiction is taking submissions for their weekly podcast, SunLit Story Time:

Feel Great Test: This guideline defines us. We publish stories that make us feel great when we read them. No exceptions. This does not necessarily mean a happy ending. Forrest Gump did not have a thoroughly happy ending, but we feel great every time we watch the movie.

They pay $100 USD for each week’s accepted submission, accept simultaneous submissions, and will tell you why they reject your story (in the unlikely change they do!). They do seem to have a G-rating focus in terms of content, so check out the guidelines to be sure.

Listing here:

Monday Markets - Terse Journal (via @tersejournal)

Terse Journal is an example of what we need to see more of in this industry. They’re a tiny experimental journal, run for the love, not for profit and all that jazz, but (insert gasps), they pay their contributors.

Notably in their own guidelines page:

Do ya pay?

Yes. Neither of us have much in the way of resources, but we feel writers should receive a show of good faith for publishing with us. We also do this to pressure outlets with more resources to pay their writers. 

I’d say that one day I’ll stop beating this dead horse: that you shouldn’t start a magazine unless you can pay your contributors, your content producers, even a token amount. Unfortunately this metaphorical horse is still very much alive, and so I shall continue to inflict metaphorical beatings upon it.

Anyway, let’s return to our sheep. Terse Journal is a magazine looking for your experimental and multiple-media submissions:

What topics/themes are you looking for?

 worlding, futures, identity, technology, hyperreality, embodiment, healing, mourning, the tarot/divination, memory, small press culture, captivity/confinement/incarceration, disability

 What mediums can I use in this space?

 poetry (erasure poetry, found poetry, experimental poetry, all poetry!), collage, critical essays (academic-style essays are considered), reviews, interviews, mixed media, audio recordings, visual art (drawings, paintings, photographs), creative non-fiction, science fiction, flash fiction, letters, mix tapes

They pay a token flat $10 USD for all submissions, and they accept simultaneous submissions. Check them out at our listing for all the detail:

Monday Markets - Zooscape Zine (via @zooscape_zine)

Zooscape is looking for anthropomorphic animal short fiction:

All stories must be furry. That means an anthropomorphic animal figure should be significantly featured in your story — it could be anthropomorphic in body or only intelligence. We’ll consider any type of furry fiction from secret life of animals to fox in Starbucks. We love science-fiction with animal-like aliens and fantasy with talking dragons, unicorns, or witch familiars. We are interested in underrepresented voices. If you have personal experience relevant to your story, feel free to mention it in your cover letter. For instance, if your story is about a space unicorn and you are a space unicorn (or a research biologist who studies space unicorns), let us know. We welcome and will be looking for diverse voices. We are not interested in stories that give voice to racist or sexist ideologies

They pay up to $60 for stories up to 10,000 words (6c/word up to 1,000 words), and $25 for reprints. If you have a talking velociraptor story that needs a home, check them out.

Literarium listing is here:

Monday Markets - Curse the Darkness - Dec 31, 2018 (via @unlitpress)

Curse the Darkness is Unlit Press’s first anthology (and a working title):

We’re throwing our doors wide open and inviting submissions on the theme of darkness. That could be the absence of light, the presence of evil, or the sinister thoughts of the afflicted. However you choose to interpret the theme, just make sure you leave us afraid to turn out the lights.

We’re looking for stories with compelling characters, sparkling dialogue, and strong, original voices. Send us stories that step off the well-trod paths into the unlit wilderness of the unusual, the interesting, and the provocative.

Stories need to match the theme and be from 3,000 to 10,000 words. Payment is a flat 75GBP/story + a contributor’s copy. You have until the end of the year to get something creepy in!

Our listing here:

Monday Markets - The Moment - Nov 15, 2018 (via @djed_press)

Djed Press is starting a new 12 month series of poetry by Australian poets of colour, with a particular focus on First Nations writers:

With every day bringing us news stories straight from hell, is it surprising that we’re reading and sharing poetry more than ever before? Whether to still the chaos or give it expression, poetry is having an incredible moment. And First Nations and/or other poets of colour are the undeniable leaders of this change. Over twelve months, Djed Press will feature a mix of emerging and established poets for our new series The Moment. Each month, one poet will be invited to write a brand new poem in response to whatever they think is current, pressing, troubling, or striking about our cultural moment. Each poet will also take part in a small Q&A about their work and practice for publication on Djed.

Djed Press is looking for expressions of interest, listing your background and including samples of your work. If your query results in being selected as one of the poets for the ‘The Moment’ series, you’ll be approached some time during the next year to write an original piece. Payment is $75AUD/poem.

Note: a reminder that this demographic is limited to Australian authors.

Our listing lies yonder:

Monday Markets - Urban Crime/American Gothic Anthologies - Oct 14, 2018 (via @flametreetweet)

Flame Tree Press is a very consistent producer of anthologies, and they are reading for two new publications until October 14th, 2018.

Look, I figure if I give you two anthologies to submit to, it makes up for the short notice. Deal?

Urban Crime: Stories from this collection will feature gritty murders on the streets of London and Paris, horrors in dark alleys, as well as many more scenes from urban crime that elicit a dark curiosity. Think classic authors such as Edgar Wallace and E.W. Hornung.

American Gothic: With handsome young men who never grow old, and the strangest of relatives appearing from dark corridors and long shadows, the frenzied imagination of the American Gothic is a fertile theme for this new anthology in the Gothic fantasy short story series.

Flame Tree pays pro rates of 6 USD c/word, which is good, but there is even better news: they accept simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions, AND will pay pro rates for both unpublished work and reprints. 6c/w for reprints is amazing, so take advantage of this if you have some good work to match the theme.

Urban Crime listing here:

American Gothic here:

Monday Markets - Ashes and Entropy - Sep 30, 2018

Nightscape Press is opening up for the last two slots in its anthology Ashes and Entropy:

We're looking for phenomenal, original and gritty cosmic horror and noir (or neo-noir) stories with a strong emotional core. The content guidelines for this book are open for interpretation however, so don't be afraid to color outside of the lines. Great writing, originality and pushing these genres to new heights will get you to the top of the slush pile faster than anything else.

There are 2 slots open for short stories on the theme up to 6,000 words, paying 6c USD/word! The editors are looking for writers from underrepresented groups [I quote: (women, people of color, LGBTQ persons, disabled persons, etc.)], so although there isn’t much time to write from scratch, if you have something ready get submitting!

Our listing is here:

Monday Markets - Concrete Dreams - Dec 1, 2018

Prospective Press is about to Kickstart an anthology of Urban Fantasy, Concrete Dreams:

This anthology has an open call for manuscripts for a total anticipated length of 120k. Open for any Urban Fantasy ("Modern" fantasy, essentially fantasy set in the era of paved roads) submission with a magic and gears flavor. Juried. Accepted authors are expected to participate in anthology promotion during the Kickstarter campaign.

They're after 5,000 to 10,000 word fiction, paying at least 4c USD per word. Note that they do want the authors to participate in the anthology promotion so you might want to clarify what this means before you submit. You have until the first of December and their website says they’ll respond within 6 weeks.

Our listing here: