Whether you decide to write ‘for the love’ or are looking for a market that pays professional rates, Literarium makes it easy to find the best markets to match your work. We capture precise payment terms that take into consideration international exchange rates, as well as detailed submission constraints of a wide range of literary markets. Whether you’re aiming to publish locally or abroad, Literarium has you covered.


Pay quality at a glance.

If you want to work professionally, you need to be paid professionally. Literarium categorises paying markets into token, semi-pro and pro, and converts currencies using international exchange rates back to your preferred currency, so overseas markets and local markets can be compared. Don’t get caught out submitting to a market paying in higher US cents per word when a European magazine paying Euros per page may be worth more. Pay rates and exchange rates are tricky - let Literarium do the heavy lifting for you.


Submission statistics.

As your submission history adds up, a clear picture begins to emerge of which stories, poems or essays are selling, which markets are buying your work, and which publishers have reasonable turnaround times. This kind of professional, personal data is invaluable when making decisions about which direction to take your writing career, or which markets you should submit to first. It’s all here in Literarium.


Our markets have history.

When you submit to a market, we keep a snapshot of what its guidelines were at the time you submitted. Maybe the theme of the magazine has changed, or the pay rates have shifted - you'll always be able to see what it looked like when you submitted, so there’s no confusion about what you signed up for.


Sounds pretty good, right?

Literarium is currently under active development and we're adding new features to it all the time. Jump on board today to have your say on what Literarium will look like in the future.