Literarium is a productivity tool for writers that helps you manage your writing, your submissions, and important deadlines. Use Literarium to gain greater visibility over your body of work and help you better organise your writing.


Make your writing work for you.

Your completed stories should always be out in the world looking for publication, but sometimes you can forget what you have lying around available to submit. As your writing career progresses and you start building up a body of work, your pieces become more difficult to manage. If a story submission is rejected, you might put it aside for review and forget to send it back out. You might have several half-finished ideas that have gotten lost among your in-progress poems. You might even have sold a few stories and haven’t considered that there are reprint markets always looking for submissions. Literarium can help you keep on top of your work so you’ll always give yourself the most opportunities to succeed.


Keep on top of your writing tasks.

Keeping focus and discipline in your writing is important. Often we have todos and tasks spread out over lots of different devices, but your writing tasks ought to live where the rest of your professional writing management lives. Create ad-hoc tasks like ‘Buy writing conference tickets!’, or break down your longer projects into milestones such as first and second drafts, final revision and proofreading. Your tasks will show up in your writer’s dashboard, and Literarium will remind you whenever your deadlines are looming.


Sounds pretty good, right?

Literarium is currently under active development and we're adding new features to it all the time. Jump on board today to have your say on what Literarium will look like in the future.