Trying to keep your writing business organised can be challenging. The Literarium dashboard is the place to see your writing priorities at a glance and to keep up to date with changes to our market directory. Whether it’s an impending writing task, opening and closing markets of interest, or reminders to follow up on languishing submissions, the writers dashboard will help you stay on top of your work load.


Focus on your priorities.

Literarium features an events timeline to help you keep an eye on the most important parts of your writing business. This is where you have visibility over your writing tasks, outstanding submissions, and the opening and closing dates of your favourite markets. The events timeline makes sure that you have to spend as little time thinking about where to focus your priorities, leaving you more time to write. You can import your Literarium event timeline into your personal calendar apps for on-the-go reminders.


Discover new markets.

The Market Discovery feed is a great way to find new markets that are relevant to the kind of work you write. With this feed you’ll be up to date with new markets, as well as relevant markets that are opening and closing. You can even receive these recommendations straight to your inbox so there’s no excuse to miss out on a submission opportunity.


Sounds pretty good, right?

Literarium is currently under active development and we're adding new features to it all the time. Jump on board today to have your say on what Literarium will look like in the future.